How to Create an Autoresponder

An Autoresponder is an automated tool that you can use to perform a task after a certain condition is met. An autoresponder can activate off a variety of different triggers. It may be a specific date (based upon a contact’s date of birth, for example), a link in an email being clicked, a contact subscribing to a list, a contact unsubscribing from a list, or a campaign being opened. The Autoresponder has to be set up before you schedule/send the campaign it is linked to. To set up an autoresponder, start by going to automation > autoresponders > create an autoresponder. Give the autoresponder a name and select the how the autoresponder is triggered. In the example below we are setting up an autoresponder to send a welcome email when a contact is subscribed to a list.


The next step is to set what action is to be performed. There are a range of actions that can be performed. When the autoresponder is triggered, you can subscribe the contact to a list, log an activity for the contact, create a task for the contact, send an email to the contact or update the contacts custom fields. You can then decide whether the action is performed once the autoresponder is triggered or a certain amount of time after the autoresponder is triggered. For our example we are going to send the contact a welcome email immediately after autoresponder is triggered.



When you click save, the autoresponder will be set up.  Now every time a contact subscribes to the list, they will receive a welcome email.