Changing user permissions

If you have multiple users in your account, you can change a user’s permissions in the account so that they can only access certain sections of the mailingmanager account. To change permissions go to the orange account button in the top right of your account and click users.



This will take you to the users’ page. This will show all the users in your account.



On the user that you want to change the permissions of, click the orange action button and click edit.


This will open up the user pop up model. This will have many options for the user like their username, permissions etc.

To change the permissions in the account, you first need to change the user level from manager to restricted. There is then a section called permissions. This has a list of all the different sections you can restrict. They are also listed below.

  • Account:
  • Edit account settings
  • Edit users
  • Export data


  • Autoresponders:
  • View reports
  • Edit autoresponders


  • Campaigns:
  • View reports
  • Edit emails
  • Schedule campaigns
  • Approve campaigns


  • Contacts:
  • Browse Contacts
  • Import Contacts
  • Edit contacts
  • Edit Lists
  • Edit Segments
  • Edit Custom Fields
  • Edit Suppressions


  • Forms:
  • View reports
  • Edit Forms

By default, all the sections are switched off. To switch sections on just click the check box next to the permission you would like to switch on for that user. When you then log into mailingmanager as that user, the account will only have the specified sections that you chose.