Creating a Campaign in the Drag & Drop Editor

The Drag and drop editor is built for people who are not comfortable with using HTML code or need to build a good looking campaign in a very short amount of time.

To open the drag and drop editor you have two options. You can choose one of our many library templates or our blank template where you can build a template from scratch.



Again give the email a name and fill in the envelope with your identity subject line and reply-to address if applicable. Then click edit this template at the bottom of the template. The editor will then open.



You can see that the editor loads blocks on the left hand side and has an area on the right for you to drag the block into. To build the template, simply start by dragging the blocks into the template creating your layout. All the blocks are generic so will have dummy text and placeholder images.

The Next step is to start adding your content into the layout by adding the text, images, hyperlinks, and changing colours etc.

Inserting an image – Drag and Drop

There are 3 main ways you can add images into the placeholders in the drag and drop editor.

1.Upload button

In the drag and drop editor you will notice when you drag a block into the editor that has an image placeholder in it, when you hover over the image there is an orange button.



Click that orange button and a file browser will popup. Find and choose your image from your computer and click open. This will then insert and resize the image to fit the size of the placeholder.

2. Gallery

There is a gallery button on the top bar of the editor. In here you can find all the images uploaded into your mailingmanager account. To add an image through the gallery, click on the placeholder image and then click gallery at the top. Then select the image you want to add from the gallery and then click insert. This will then insert and resize the image.



3. Dragging images

The third way to add images into the drag and drop editor is to drag them into the editor. If you have an image in a folder and the folder is open on your computer, you can drag the image straight from the folder into the placeholder.



Inserting hyperlinks – D&D

To add a hyperlink into your template in the drag and drop editor, you have two ways of doing it depending on whether the hyperlink is being added into an image/button or if it is being added into text.

1. Adding a hyperlink to a button/image

To add a hyperlink to a button/image is very simple. Start by click on the image or button and then click the content tab at the top of the editor. You will see that the item in the block you have selected will have a highlighted area. In the example below I have selected the left image so the left image ‘box’ in content has been highlighted.



Once selected, it is as easy as placing your hyperlink into the ‘Link’ part of the highlighted box. If you want to link to a pdf that you have uploaded into your mailingmanager account, then all you need to do is press the options button and then select the pdf you want to be available for download.

2. To add a hyperlink into text, what you need to do is highlight the section you want to be hyperlinked. Then click the insert/edit link. This will then open a pop-up for you to add the hyperlink.