How to Create a Custom Field

You may wish to store additional information about your contacts, aside from their email address. Custom fields can be created to cater for such instances. For example, you may to wish to store specific data about a contact list like date of birth or location. To import this data into mailingmanager, you will need to create the custom fields to correspond with the data you are importing.

To create a customer field, go to contacts > fields. Then click ‘add a custom field’.

Select ‘text’ as the type and then give the field the same name as the column in your spreadsheet (for this example, it may be ‘Location’). You can then also select a default value for the field. This is what is displayed if the contact does not have the information for the custom field. Clicks ‘save’.

That’s it you have now created a custom field.

You can now either upload your CSV file and assign the field to the correct column or, Go through and add the additional data to individual contacts.

Once you have contacts with custom fields you can then start using those fields to segment, filter and personalise emails.