How to add Suppressions in Bulk

You may have a CSV file of email addresses that you want to suppress in your mailingmanager account.

To do this go to contacts > Suppressions. This will bring up the suppressions list for your account. To suppress an address at the top of the suppressions list, there will be a button that says ‘suppress a new address’

When you click this button, a new page will load. On the tabs at the top click ‘import suppressions for a file.



Click the upload files button and this will bring up a file manager. Upload your CSV into this file browser and then select it. Once selected the screen should now look like this.


The CSV file that you uploaded should appear under the button.

We recommend adding a note to these suppressions so that you know why the addresses have been suppressed in case you want to know at a later date.

When you are ready to import your addresses, click ‘import suppressions’.