How to Assign Contacts to a Different List

You may have a group of contacts in your database that you want to subscribe to a new list you have just created. To do this you have two ways, by importing a file or selecting the contacts from the database.

If you want to assign a large amount of contacts to a new list, we recommend that you gather all the contacts into a new CSV file and do a fresh import. To do this, go to contacts then add contacts. You then upload the new CSV file into your mailingmanager account.

Once you have uploaded the file, you want to go to the section about duplicates.

Instead of selecting “ignore any duplicate contact” You want to select “Update Existing contacts”.

Then select the new list you want to subscribe them to. You do not need to select the lists they are already subscribed to.

This will take all the existing contacts in the CSV file and add them to the new list without removing them from any other lists them may be subscribed to.

Click import contacts and then you are ready to send.

The other method is to select each contact in the database and then change their preferences in the contact manager.

Note: We only recommend you do this with a small amount of contacts. If you have a bigger amount, we recommend re importing them like above.

To select contacts individually, you want to click the little person icon next to the contact in the main database.

Once you have selected the contacts you want to add to them new list, you want to click the drop down at the top of the list view.

When you click the drop down menu there will be an option called “subscribe to lists”. Click this and it will open a pop up with all the lists available for them to subscribe too.

Select the lists you would like to subscribe them to and click subscribe.

Once you have done this the contacts will now be subscribed to all the lists you select.