How to Create a New Identity

Identities are really useful for sending emails from different people or businesses from the same account. Identities are the sending address for your email campaigns.

To create an identity go to your account button in the top right and click settings.

Once you click the settings button look for the section called identities.



The only identity that will be set up will be the email address that you signed up to mailingmanager with. To create a new one, click the plus button.

This will open a popup model. You will need to fill in all the details for the identity.



When you enter your email address, you need to select the ‘send code’ button.  This will send a verification code to your email address. What you will need to do when you receive this code is click ‘verify email‘ and paste the code into the box.



The email authentication is the section about setting up domain authentication. If you are looking to set that up with have an article on it here.

Once you have filled in the details and verified your email click save. You can then either select it as the default identity