How to Create a Sign-up Form

Mailingmanager enables you to create a subscription form for your website. This allows visitors on your website to sign up to your newsletter and their data goes straight into your mailingmanager account instead of an external CRM.

To create a form click Automation > Forms and then create a form. Give your form a name which relates to what the form will be capturing or the website you are adding the form to.  The form editor is a drag and drop so you drag the fields you want into the form and organise the order that these fields are arranged in. Once you have done this click next step.



The next step is to select what actions are to be performed by the form. This can range from what list they are subscribed to or creating a task for the contact. You can also select the page you want to display when they opt in and the email confirmation. Then click next step.

The last step is deciding the theme for your form. Once you have selected that you have now created your website sign up form!

TIP* we recommend creating a specific contact list which can be assigned to your subscription form. For example, you could name it. ‘website signups’.