How to Create a Subscription Management Form

There may be a situation where to create more targeted emails, you want to send out a form where your contacts can choose their subscription preferences to what type of information they would like to receive from your mailings. You can do this in mailingmanager with a subscription management form.  This is a specific type of form where you can give your contacts a pick list of contact lists that they can choose to subscribe to.

To start creating this form, Go to automation > Forms.



On this page click create a form. This will take you to the form editor.

Give your form a name and then you will see all the available fields that you can drag into your form.


To create a subscription management form, you need to drag the “subscriptions management” Field from the left into your form.

When you have dragged the field in, there will be an option to “add lists”. This is where you add all the lists that your contacts could subscribe to.



When you click add lists a pop up model will appear where you select the lists that you want your contacts to choose from.



When you have selected the lists you want to use click add selected lists.

Then click next step.

You can continue to make your form as you would for any other form. You may notice in the actions section there is a warning.


What this warning is saying is that you do not want to set a subscribe to list action as they are choosing what lists they are subscribing too but if you set a subscription action, they will be subscribed to a list they didn’t opt into.

In Advance options be sure to tick the “Allow contacts to update their data using this form”.