How to Delete a Suppression

When using mailingmanager you may need to remove an address from your suppressions list. We do not recommend that you remove a suppression from your account unless you have had permission from the owner of the address to do so.

To remove a suppression go to contacts > Suppressions.



On the next screen, there will be a search function to search your suppressions for a specific address.



Enter the email address and hit enter on your keyboard. This will bring back the address you searched for.

You then want to hover over the contact and click the orange action button. This will give you the option to delete the suppression. Click this and the contact is now off your suppressions list.

*Remember that the contact has not been deleted. They have only been removed from the suppressions list.


Now you can re-subscribe them to any list you want. To do this, use the search function at the very top of your mailingmanager account and type in the email address.

This will bring up the contact in the contacts view.


Again hover over the contact and click the action button and from the Drop down menu click edit.

This will bring up the contact manager. On the contact manager click the subscriptions tab.


You will see that in the “Current Subscriptions” section, the lists they used to be subscribed to before they unsubscribed is still associated with the contact. The difference being they are no longer opted in to the list. You can tell this from the “opt-in” Column. It has a line instead of a tick which says they opted out of this list.

To get them back in this list all you need to do is click remove next to that list. Then in the “Add new subscriptions” section, find the list, check the tick box and click subscribe.


This contact is now ready to send to again.