How to Open a Support Ticket

If you are having a problem with your mailingmanager account and the answer is not in our Help Center, you may want to contact us for support. An easy way to do this is to open a support ticket. This is done in your billing account and is very quick and easy.

From the front page of your billing account, click ‘open ticket’ on the navigation bar. The next screen will ask you what type of ticket you want to open.

The three types are Support, Sales and Compliance. Support tickets are for queries to do with your mailingmanager account that you need help with. A sales ticket is for queries to do with buying new products or upgrading your account. Compliance tickets are for queries to do with our terms and conditions, anti-spam policy etc. Select the type you would like to open. This will then open the next window which you can then edit the contents of the ticket.

If you have a strange error or bug within the mailingmanager system feel free to attach an image to show what you are experiencing to help our investigation further. Once you have finished detailing your issue or query, click the submit button. This will send the support ticket to our support team to reply to. Replies can be found in your billing platform.