How to send a Campaign

Once you have finished creating your email and saved it, it’s time to send the email as a campaign.

To do this, first go to campaigns > email on the left navigation bar. Once you are there, you will see the email that you created previously waiting to be sent.



All the emails you created will be on this screen so that you can choose which one you would like to send. On the screen shot you can see the first email says ‘not used yet’ so we are going to send that one. To do this click the orange action button and click send.


The first screen you’ll be presented with is the edit email screen. This allows you to do any final adjustments to the email and envelope as well as do some inbox testing before sending. once you are happy with the email click next step.

At this stage you will be asked about who you want to send this email campaign to. You have three options:

  1. One or more mailing lists
  2. One or more segments
  3. All or filtered contacts

One or more mailing lists allow you to choose one or more lists you have set up in your account.
One or more segments allow you to choose one or more segments that you have set up.
All or filtered contacts allows you to set specific filters for that send or send to your entire database.

Once you have selected who you want to send it to, at the bottom of the page you will see a calculation of how many contacts that your email will be sent to. This calculation is how many credits will be used and has excluded inactive, bounced and suppressed addresses. If you select more than one list, mailingmanager will automatically de-duplicate any contacts that are in more than one list. This is so they do not receive your campaign more than once.



Once you’re happy with that, click next step.

On this last screen there is a summary of the send. It tells you what email you are sending and how many recipients.

There is an advanced options section that allows you to do stuff like not track links, track opens, add google analytics, and send notification emails with updates about campaigns.

You then have to schedule the campaign. You can send immediately, at a later date or setup the delivery later.

If you choose deliver at a later date, you can choose the date and time in which you want your campaign to be delivered.