How to Set a Custom Unsubscribe Page

In mailingmanager, there are default pages that are set for actions like when someone signs up or unsubscribes from your mailing list. You can set a custom unsubscribe page so that it is more branded for your company instead of sending the generic one that mailingmanager sends out.

To start with you need to create the unsubscribe page. To do this go to campaigns > Pages. On that page there will be a ‘view default pages’ button.

Click the button and it will load all the default pages that your account has.



To create a custom unsubscribe page press the action button on the default unsubscribe confirmation page and click duplicate.



When you click duplicate, a duplicate of the page will be made. It will be called “copy of default unsubscribe confirmation page” 

On that page click the action button and click edit.


The next step is to go to your unsubscribe management setting in your account. To do this you need to click your account button in the top right corner of your account and click settings.



In settings you will find a section called Unsubscribe management.



This allows you to change many things to do with your unsubscribes but for our default page you want to look at the part that says ‘Confirmation page’. On that section there will be a dropdown for selecting the page.



From that dropdown, select the custom page you just created. Then click update settings at the bottom of the page.

Your default unsubscribe page is now set up. You can do a live test send to a test list to test this. Just unsubscribe from the email and see if you get the default page. Don’t forget to remove yourself from suppressions after you have tested this otherwise, you will not receive any more tests you may send to yourself.