How to Track the Same Link on Multiple Elements

When creating your email, you may want to measure where the most successful place to have your hyperlink is. Is it your image, button or text? In reporting normally, if you have used the same link on different elements it won’t tell you who clicked the image or who clicked the button. It would simply tell you how many clicks on the link you had in total. This isn’t a problem although you may want to split test where the link is most effective. How do we get around this?

The Fix is to create a link that has the same destination but looks different. This means mailingmanager would see the links individually but they go to the same place. This is actually very simple to do.

Take this link for example:

Now if I wanted to track how many people got to that webpage by clicking the image I can simple add a ‘#IMAGE’ to the end of the link. This will still take me to the resources page but in mailingmanager the reporting will show the individual links. 

So the link should look like this:

If you sent your email like this and were to check your results you’d see that the links now report separately. For example:



The wording after the ‘#’ can be anything you would like although you want to give it a useful label so that you know who clicked the different elements in your email.

Other uses for this trick could be if you wanted to find out if the user clicked the button at the top or bottom of the email. Simply add a label on each button so you can figure out which location is the most effective.