How to View a List of all Unsubscribes

Viewing all the unsubscribes in your account is very simple. To do this if you go to contacts > contacts. This will open your main database of contacts. To view your unsubscribes you need to apply a filter. To apply a filter, click ‘filter contacts’ and this will open up a pop-up window.



On the pop-up window, you need to set up one filter rule. The rule is all contacts that have an activity ‘unsubscribed from a list’ and this unsubscribe is from any list. See the rule below.

When you apply the filter, mailingmanager will load up all the unsubscribes in your database.

If you want to export all your exports you need to save it as a segment. To do this, at the top of the screen click save filter as segment.



This will open a new window that asks you to name the segment. Give the segment a suitable name like ‘unsubscribes segment’ and click save segment.



The good thing now is that this segment will now update in real time so you only have to do this once.

Now go to segments on the left navigation and find your segment. Hover on your segments and click the orange action button. On the drop down there will be an ‘export contacts’ option. This will then download your unsubscribes in a csv file.