How to View Fields in List View

If you have created multiple custom fields and imported a group of contacts with these custom fields, you may want to view certain fields in the list view. This is useful as you can then sort contacts via a field like first name.

To do this go to contacts > Lists.



When you are in list view, hover over the list you want to view and click the orange action button. On the drop down you want to then click browse.



This will open up the contacts in that list.



By default the fields visible in the list view is first name, last name and email address. If you want to make any more fields visible it is very simple. Click the orange button that says visible fields.

This will open up a pop-up model that you can then select which fields you want visible in the list.



There are three categories:

  • Basic fields
  • Custom fields
  • Stats Field

Basic fields include domain, bounced and date added.

Custom fields will be where all the fields you created will appear.

Stats fields will pull data from reports on how many campaigns that contact has opened how many links clicked etc.

Select the fields you want to add to your list view. Once you have added that your field will appear.