How Unsubscribes are Handled

When someone unsubscribes from your emails, mailingmanager manages what happens to the contact for you.  By default when someone unsubscribes, they are removed from all lists and added to the suppression list in your account. This is so you can’t send that contact anymore mailings.

The contact is not deleted from the database so that you don’t accidentally import the contact back into a list after it is suppressed. You can manually delete the contact from the suppressions list but this is not advised and can lead to abuse complaints.

There is a section of mailingmanager where you can manage your unsubscribe management settings. If you go to the orange button in the top right and then click settings.  You have multiple options for the way unsubscribes are managed.

  • Unsubscribe contact from ALL mailing lists and add to account suppression
  • Unsubscribe contact from ALL Lists: - This will mean that if the contact is imported into the database it will be re-subscribed to the list.
  • Unsubscribe contact from the mailing list that generated the email: - this will just unsubscribe the contact from the specific list that the campaign was sent to.
  • Remove contact from database: - This will remove the contact from the database when they click unsusbscribe. This is not recommended as they can be re imported at a later date.