Not receiving a Preview Email?

When testing your campaign you may come across difficulties receiving your preview emails to your inbox, or they may be appearing in junk. There are a few reasons that this could be occurring.

Email clients judge spam emails in a very different way than they used to. It used to be about the content of your emails and what you were sending. This is no longer the main factor into why your emails will land in the spam folder. Although you should be avoiding obvious spam type words, you don’t need to worry as much about the text in your emails.

In modern day email marketing it is all about your reputation as a sender. If you have purchased contact lists and sent loads of emails to them, the likelihood is that you have received many abuse complaints along with blacklisting you’re sending from domain and IP address. You should be growing your list organically and sending to a list of contacts that know who you are.

At mailingmanager we may be able to change the settings in your account to increase your deliverability but we cannot guarantee this if your data is not clean. When these settings are change the likelihood of you getting your preview emails will be a lot higher.

If you do have some issues with receiving previews and want us to help you further, feel free to call use on 0345 468 1525 or email us at