Setting up an Autoresponder Sequence

Setting up an autoresponder sequence can be tricky to do but is also unique to each individual client. In this article we are going to work through an example autoresponder sequence to get the idea on how an autoresponder sequence works and the logic behind it.

For this particular example we are going to set up an autoresponder sequence that sends an email when a contact signs up for a newsletter expressing interest in a product. The three emails will be:

  1. When the contacts signs up for the newsletter
  2. 10 Days after the contact has signed up with offer
  3. 30 Days after with final offer

The first step is to create the three emails that you are going to send out to the contacts. For ease of reference the three emails are called; Autoresponder-1, Autoresponder-2 and Autoresponder-3.

Now we need to start setting up the Autoresponders, go to automation > Autoresponders. Then click ‘Create an Autoresponder’.


We need to start by giving the autoresponder a name. I will be giving the autoresponders the same name as their corresponding emails.

For Autoresponder-1 the trigger will be when a contact subscribes to a list. The list that you select will be the list that they are subscribed to when they fill in the form.

Once that is done, we need to choose the action that will be performed when the autoresponder is triggered. For this autoresponder we want to send an email to the contact. We are going to pick the email “autoresponder-1”.

The last step is to set when the action will be performed. For this one it is very simple, we are just leaving it as the default so that it sends an email immediately after they sign up.

Click save and that is autoresponder-1 set up.


The 2nd Autoresponder will be exactly the same to the original Autoresponder but with two differences. Make sure that the email that is sent is named autoresponder-2 and not still the original autoresponder email. Then in the action performed section, untick the box. This will display some more options. You need to make it so it is sent 10 days after the autoresponder is triggered like below.


In the same way with Autoresponder-2 you only need to change the sending email and when the action is performed it should look like below;

Once the three autoresponders are set up, the sequence is then completely set up.