The Campaign Manager

The Campaign manager is really useful to see all the information about your campaigns results in one place. You can access this by going to reports > Campaigns. Then hover over the campaign you want and click the orange action button. On the drop down click campaign manager



When you click this, a pop up model will appear with the campaign manager.



The Campaign manager is filled with information that can help you understand how well your email campaign has done. On the summary page it tells you the open rate, the click-through rate and recipients of the email. At the top of the campaign manager you will see three tabs. The summary tab is the first tab that pops up. The Statistics will give some more detailed results.



This Statistics tab will show you all the percentages for opens, clicks, forwards etc. It will give you the more popular email client and most popular location. The stats also provides a basic graph that visually shows you how well the campaign has done.

The Last tab is the preview tab. This will show you the email that you sent out.