How to add Unsubscribe Options

You may get the odd Accidental un-subscriber or if somebody does want to unsubscribe you can tempt them one last time to stay with you.

Step 1:

  • Create a subscription management form
  • Go to Automation > Forms > create a new form
  • On the first page of the form builder, drag across “Subscription options” and add the lists you want your recipients to choose from.



  • Select “V” for the email address field which means the recipient’s email address will be displayed when they open up this form. They will not need to re-type their email address.
  • Choose your confirmation page.
  • IMPORTANT! In advanced options, be sure to tick “Allow contacts to update their data using this form”
  • The other advanced options should not be applicable for this form.
  • Finally choose the design

Step 2:

  • Create a custom page for your Subscription management form – Campaigns > Pages > Build a new page (or duplicate one of our default pages in order to edit it)
  • Within this page, embed the Subscription Management Form.
    In the toolbar, go to Dynamic Content > Custom Field then under the Forms section, select your Subscription management form in the “Custom form” menu


TIP: Use a white background when embedding forms


Step 3:

  • Go to your account settings
  • In the Unsubscribe Management section, choose “Unsubscribe contact from ALL mailing lists” or “Unsubscribe contact from the mailing list that generated the email”.
    The default setting will add them to suppressions which will not allow you to send to them again.
  • Under this you will see Confirmation Page. Choose “Redirect contact to a predefined page”
  • Select your custom subscription management page.
  • Then “Update settings” to save.

IMPORTANT! Always use the system default unsubscribe link %%unsubscribelink%% which will redirect to the predefined page and correctly manage your contacts.