How to keep Identites apart

If you have one account with mailing manager but sending on behalf of more than one company, you would want keep their details separate. The system will recognise the accounts default identity and will use it for emails unless specified otherwise. When using forms, you would need to set up separate default opt-in emails. This is to keep the opt-in email footer unique for each company. Follow the steps below on how to configure the forms.

Step 1:

Create identities for each company with address and contact details (Go to Settings and in the identities section, click the plus sign to add a new identity)

Step 2:

  • Go to Campaigns > Emails > View Default Emails



Note: You will not see this if you have not yet created any emails – If this is the case, click “Get Started: Create a new campaign” > Select any template or start from scratch > Add a name to the email and Save it. This will take you back to the email page where you will now select “view default emails”

  • You will need to Duplicate the “Default opt-in instructions email” in order to edit it.


It will appear in the emails section as “Copy of Default opt-in instructions email”.

  • Edit the copy version by clicking on the orange box and selecting Edit from the dropdown menu – Change the name of this opt-in email depending on which identity it is linked to.
  • In the Envelope section in the “From” dropdown menu, select an identity.
  • If required then edit the Subject and further down, personalise the email by selecting “Edit the HTML version”
  • Then Save and repeat Step 2 for each company identity.

Note: For further instructions of WYSIWYG (HTML) Editor - click here

Step 3:

Once you have created your identities and Custom opt-in emails.

  • Create a form for each company. Automation > Forms > Create a new form
  • In second page of form builder in the Actions section “Subscribe to list with opt-in confirmation” you will see “Opt-in email” with a dropdown menu
  • Select the opt-in email which you created for this company.
  • Finish building the form and save. Repeat for each company identity.

Note: You can create custom pages in ‘Campaigns > Pages > Build a new page’ which you can also select from the Drop down page menu.

For further instructions on how to build and use forms  - click here