How to Create a Segment

Once you have contacts in mailingmanager you may want to segment them for many reasons.

A few examples of segments:

You may want to segment people who haven’t opened a previous email.

You may want to segment people who subscribed in the last 30 days

You may want to segment people who clicked a link in an email

Segments are very easy to set up and are live so they update as more of your contacts meet the criteria.

  1. To set the segment up go to contacts > segments.

  2. Click ‘create a new segment’ and give it a suitable name.

  3. You then want to set the rules for the segment. In this example I have set the rules for anyone who didn’t open the July Newsletter.

  4. Validate the segment and then click save.

Your segment is now set up. You can then select the segment when you are sending an email.