What is a blacklisting and what causes them?

A blacklisting or DNS-Based Blackhole list Is a database that has set criteria to decide whether sending IP addresses are considered Spam or not. There are many blacklisting companies out there including Barracuda, Spamhaus, URIBL and SORBS.

Different blacklisting companies work in different ways. Some blacklisting companies use Spamtraps to catch out senders who are not using the best list keeping practices for thier mailings. If the email hits a Spamtrap, then the IP address is blacklisted as a spam sender. (to find out more about Spamtraps Click here). Other companies are community led so if a contact receives emails they did not sign up for they can submit the IP address to the blacklisting company.

If you cause a blacklisting on your IP address at mailingmanager, our compliance team will notify you with a few questions about your data. We apply for the IP address to be de listed but we must ensure that you have taken the relevant steps to prevent the blacklisting from happening again.

The best way to stay off a blacklist is to keep your data clean. You can use external list cleaning providers to run your database against their database of bad addresses. They will then provide you with a list of bad addresses that you can suppress into your mailingmanager account. These providers are not part of mailingmanager and will come with an extra cost to clean the lists.