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Mailing Manager is a UK based email marketing company which specialises in providing effective email campaigns for a wide range of clients. We provide the software and management services that can help produce award winning newsletters.
Why Outsource?
Is there any real benefit to outsourcing your email marketing campaign management? Yes. There are many advantages to allowing an experienced team work help you.
Monthly Pricing
Monthly accounts allow customers to pay a monthly fee based on how emails they send. This handy pricing structure allows clients to ensure they get value for money.
Charity Pricing
We offer registered charities a 30 per cent discount on all set-up fees and monthly payments
Schedule a call
Organise some time with an email marketing expert and discuss your email marketing campaigns and how we can help improve.
Feel free to get in touch with us for more information about our marketing software and how it could help transform your email newsletters.
Free Stuff
Whether you’re new to email marketing or a seasoned pro, our downloadable guides will help you light a fire under your business with actionable tips, advice and best practices for growing your subscriber lists and sending emails your customers will have no choice but to engage with.
Template Ideas
Whether professional, elegant, or outright fun, there is a template in our vast library that captures the essence of your brand. But if none of them seem to be the perfect fit, then contact us to discuss a custom build.
Discover the latest email marketing news, tips, hints and commentary on our company blog.
Email Marketing for Healthcare
Maintain healthy relationships with patients & suppliers.
Email Marketing for Marketing Departments
With mailingmanager, email marketing doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Build your responsive emails in minutes with our state-of-the-art drag and drop editor.
Email Marketing for Recruitment Companies
Use mailingmanager’s automation features and ensure nobody misses an opportunity.
Email Marketing for Ecommerce
Stimulate prospects, and encourage sales using an effective email marketing solution.
Email Marketing for Manufacturing
Sharp email marketing designed to fit your mould.
Email Marketing for Hospitality
The perfect email marketing solution to encourage repeat bookings.
The expert email marketing services from mailingmanger can benefit you, whatever your industry.
Hospitality Industry
Email marketing is the perfect fit for the hospitality industry, boosting customer loyalty and brand awareness.
Agency Industry
Whatever services your agency provides, email marketing can help spread your message and improve client relations.
Ecommerce Industry
Email marketing services perfectly complement the ecommerce industry, helping you reach the level of sales you've always dreamt of.
Photography Industry
An email marketing campaign can perfectly reflect the quality, value and creativity that your photography business offers.
Startup Business
With the help of email marketing, your startup business can begin to grow and thrive.
Financial Industry
Email marketing reflects the professionalism of the financial industry, while helping to build strong, personal customer relationships.
Accountancy Industry
Your accountancy firm can achieve sustainable growth and nurture customer relationships using the power of email marketing.
Web Designers
Email marketing is the ideal showcase for web designers, helping to build strong client relationships and expand your business' reach.
Estate Agents
Within the highly competitive world of estate agents, email marketing can help you stand out from the competition.
Your non-profit organisation can use email marketing to communicate your cause and collect new supporters along the way.
Music Industry
Musicians can increase their fanbase and better connect with their supporters with the help of email marketing.
With email marketing, schools and educational establishments can demonstrate their benefits and improve communications.
Email marketing offers charities an effective and affordable way to communicate with supporters, increase awareness and raise funds.
What better way for churches to spread their message and communicate with their congregation than with email marketing?.
The power of email marketing can help you and your dental practice build strong and trusting patient relationships.
Financial Services
Email marketing is the perfect fit for financial service providers, demonstrating the high standards and professionalism that you pride your company upon.
Insurance Providers
For insurance providers, email marketing gives you the power to communicate with your clientèle on their level and build on your mutually trusting relationship.
Even with a limited advertising budget, lawyers can use email marketing to spread their message to a wide range of customers and potential clients.
SEO Companies
Email marketing can help ensure the success of your SEO company by helping your clients' websites reach their maximum potential and increasing awareness of your brand.
Show your fans how much they mean to your band by engaging with them through email marketing.
Event Industry
Help ensure the success of your next event by using email marketing to increase awareness and engage with delegates.
Local Businesses
The personal touch that email marketing offers is the ideal promotional solution for your customer-led local business.
Showcase your professional design skills while communicating with your customers on a personal level with the help of email marketing
Make an impact in the highly competitive world of retail by taking advantage of the simplicity and affordability of email marketing.
Email marketing can bring a much needed personal touch to banks, while still demonstrating professionalism, reliability and trust.
Email marketing provides a simple and affordable method to expand your reach as an artist, while still showcasing your skills and creativity.
For bloggers, an email marketing campaign can help you connect with the people who are as passionate about your blog's topic as you are.
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